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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Easy Pumpkin Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

I like to accent my Thanksgiving table with pumpkin centerpieces that I make for silk flowers. I also like to fill the hallowed out pumpkin with snacks and small pumpkin are the perfect size to hold dips for chips. Pumpkins make my holiday table look eye appealing and interesting.
For this easy pumpkin decoration I will buy a medium rounded pumpkin that has no bruises to the flesh. Shop for an almost perfect pumpkin for this party decoration.
When you get the pumpkin home wash the outside it to remove any dirt. Then cut it in half before removing the pulp. Keep the seeds because you can roast them. Keep the pulp to make puree for pie.
Then wash out the inside of the pumpkin. Make sure the strings are removed and that surface is relatively clean of any pulp. 
Let the pumpkin dry thoroughly. When the pumpkin is dry you would then fill the pumpkin with a bouquet of silk chrysanthemums cut the stems so they fit nicely in the pumpkin as a bouquet. 
Another way to  create a useful pumpkin decoration is to set a plastic container into the hallowed out pumpkin, then drape a napkin into the container and over the sides of the pumpkin before filling with snacks.
These pumpkin decorations will make your holiday gathering festive and fun.  Here is a video tutorial that will show you how to make pumping centerpiece for your holiday table.