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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

This week we are getting serious about Halloween Costumes for parties and trick or treat. Last year I did shop the sales after Halloween and bought trick or treat bags, makeup, and Halloween pattern leggings. This year I will use those things to create a cute Halloween outfit for kids.

instead of buying a ready-made costume I plan on making my own from things that I have and will buy a cute shirt from I have bought a few of the kid's shirts from zazzle and like that the designs are unique. Normally when I buy a t-shirt at the mall the fabric is stiff and rough on babies skin. The print on demand kids shirts is soft right out of the bag, no need to wash them a few times to make them soft.

Kids like the shirts. My friend’s toddler refused to take her Halloween shirt off, she wanted to wear it to bed. That will tell you that these tees are kid-pleasing.

Buy a tee with the design that you like then coordinate it with Halloween pattern leggings, or stripe tights. You can also wear these shirts for everyday activities during the October season with jeans.

Shop for Halloween t-shirts here.

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