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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Best Garage Sales are in Autumn

Autumn is the perfect season to go antiquing or hit the area garage sales. I know in my city we tend to shop for bargains in the spring and the autumn because summer is too hot. Normally I do not go to garage sales in the spring but autumn is a must on my to do list. This is the time of year that you can bargain shop for autumn and Christmas decorations.

People tend to do a fall cleaning of their house and stored items and want to earn some extra cash for the holidays. I found some home décor products including a stained glass lamp at an autumn garage sale and there was nothing wrong with it. 

Here is a photo of my best buy at an autumn garage sale.

It is best to know what you are shopping for and to check out the newspaper on Wednesday and look for the garage sales that offer a list of products that they are selling. Then make a list of the garage sales that you want to check out.

The night before the garage sale I will do a drive by. If they are setting I will park get out and ask if I can take a quick look. Many times if you find something that you love you can buy it ahead of time. Otherwise, plan to go to the garage sale at the crack of dawn. In my experience, everyone has the same idea so if you want something special then it is best to get to the sale early.

Things that I look for at garage sales; vintage china, leaded glass ceiling light covers, sterling silver flatware, vintage table lamps, table linens, trivets, crystal or cut glass perfume bottles, hat boxes, vintage dolls, art deco jewelry, bag and gloves and holiday decorations and ornaments. My husband shops for vintage cameras, 1970's Peter Max posters and autumn season posters or prints, antique door knobs or knockers and antique train sets.

Going to garage sales in autumn is something my husband and I enjoy, we think of it as entertainment because it is a fun thing to do. Plus when we find something of value and it is a good price we are ecstatic.

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Sandy KS said...

I go to garage sales as soon as it starts warming up in my area. Normally April through the end of August or September when cold weather sets in. Normally Autumn is too cold to go garage selling in my area. I have seen garage sales happen all the way up to snow falls. I love going to the town or city-wide garage sales. Prices will be super cheap, as everyone is competing to sell their stuff.