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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Autumn Theme Decor Ideas for Kitchen

One of my favorite fall activities is decorating my home with the seasonal colors or orange and brown. Normally I will go all out and decorate all rooms where there is foot traffic; living room, bedroom, bathroom, hall, foyer. Dining room and the kitchen. My family and friends appreciate the effort that I put into my decorations.

I start shopping for new products, silk maple leaves, resin pumpkins and accents for my fall theme in August and if I see something that will work with my décor I will usually buy it or look for craft supplies so I can make it.
Table set for autumn dinners

Today I saw that Kohls had updated their linen department with kitchen themed autumn products so I went to see if they had anything that I had to have. They were have a sale and I also had a promotional coupon where I would get $10 off. I like Laura Ashley and a few other brands that they carry. To be honest I did see a few things that I liked but the asking price was not to my liking. When shopping for so many things I try to keep on budget.

For my kitchen I wanted to added new dinner plates to display on my bakers rack, four new autumn themed mugs (mix & match) and a new tablecloth. Then by my breakfast table I thought a new poster or canvas print would look nice.

The decorations for the kitchen are nature inspired, I prefer landscapes for this particular room. Then I will accent the décor items with silk maple leaves and a ceramic bowl for small pumpkins, apples and nuts.

Here are a few products that I like. I think the maple tree print is eye appealing and is perfect for my autumn kitchen décor.  I designed this autumn home set at polyvore and it will show you how you can decorate your kitchen or dining room for the fall season. 

Autumn Leaves Tablecloth

For chair covers and window drapes I thought this craft fabric would really look nice in my autumn theme kitchen.

Autumn Leaves in Gold and Green Craft Fabric
Autumn Leaves in Gold and Green Craft Fabric by Susang6
Look at more Gold and green Fabrics at zazzle

Assorted autumn themed coffee mugs. This mix and match combination will look good when hanging from the hooks on my bakers rack. I think they will add interest to my kitchen.

Autumn Leaves Coffee Mug
Autumn Leaves Coffee Mug by Susang6
Check out Autumn Mugs online at zazzle

Set the table with autumn theme tablecloth and plates. Here are few of my favorites.

Accent your table with a lovely autumn theme cloth. I love to cover my coffee table with a table cloth that features an autumn theme. I think it adds extra color and interest to the room. I have also covered my foyer table with a autumn theme tablecloth. When welcoming guests to my home the tablecloth adds to the ambiance.

Autumn Leaves on Trees Tablecloth
Autumn Leaves on Trees Tablecloth by Susang6
View another Tablecloth at Zazzle  (See this tablecloth in above homeset) 

If you are interested in viewing other autumn home décor products. Then go here to view my other designs. All print on demand products were designed from landscape or nature photographs.