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Monday, June 22, 2015

Autumn Leaves Covered in Snow

Today while looking at my photographs from last fall I came across the images that I took after the snow had fallen all day onto trees that had leaves. Yes it was a very early in season snow storm that had occurred before the leaves had fallen to the ground.

I went out at night to photograph the trees. They looked gorgeous covered in the white glistening snow but when the temperature changed the wet snow turned to ice and that is when there were problems. The branches that were on the trees that were not mature started drooping toward the ground, some trees and shrubs bent all the way over and were becoming uprooted. The snow, ice and leavers were too heavy for the branches and large branches from the mature trees were breaking and falling to the ground.

We could hear the crack and then hear the thud on the forest floor followed by a rumble. When it snows in early autumn while leaves are on the trees it creates a really dangerous situation. As I recall I took photographs of the trees from my patio, as I was fearful to walk into the yard due to the branches breaking.

Here is another photograph of mature oak tree that has leaves.  This photo I took at night when the ice had formed around the leaves.  what you are seeing in this photo is a combination of leaves, snow and ice. Taking photographs of nature in the fall season is fun, but it this situation I needed to be very careful.

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