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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

 Flowers in Pumpkin Base Autumn Decor How To

When it comes to decorating my home for the autumn season  I use fresh pumpkins and create floral arrangements for my tables. I prefer to use natural products for my centerpieces including the flower insert but have used silk floral arrangements also.

Fresh pumpkins are not expensive considering your get a fabulous decoration and get to make pumpkin pie with the puree.  Here is an art set that I designed that will inspire you to make your own flowers in a pumpkin autumn decoration for your home.

Autumn Floral Arrangement

How to Make Flowers in Pumpkin Decorations

  1. Shop at the pumpkin patch or at your locally for a medium rounded pumpkin with a stem. 
  2. Look the pumpkin over by checking it for bruises to the flesh or discoloration. You will need a nearly perfect pumpkin for this seasonal decoration.
  3. When you get the pumpkin home wash the outside it to remove any dirt. 
  4. Set the pumpkin  with the  stem facing upward. determine how big the opening should be to hold a potted chrysanthemum plant. 
  5. Cut the pumpkin to allow an opening for autumn season flowers.
  6. Remove the seeds and the pumpkin pulp. Keep the seeds because you can roast them. Keep the pulp to make puree for pie or other baked goods; cookies or muffins.
  7. Wash the inside of the pumpkin. Make sure the strings are removed and that surface is clean. There should be no pulp remaining, you want a clean pumpkin shell.
  8. Let the pumpkin dry thoroughly. When the pumpkin is dry you would then set a potted chrysanthemum into the pumpkin. Or make your own bouquet; buy a variety of silk flower stems from the craft center at or hobby/craft store.

Tips remove the real plant from the pumpkin to water. Let it drain thoroughly before putting back in the pumpkin