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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Connecting with Nature in Autumn

The autumn or the fall season is when the weather is ideal for spending time outdoors. There may be sunny days with the temperature in the mid 70's so you can enjoy your time outdoors connecting with nature without feeling hot or cold.
Stroll down a nature trail in Autumn, Watch for wildlife. This is a good way to connect with nature

Now is good time to make tentative plants for you and your family to take a road trip to a state park and spend the day outdoors. One of the things I like to do is go to the Audubon Nature Center, it is located in SW Missouri and its not a bad drive.

Here is a postcard I designed from the photographs I took last autumn when visiting the Audubon nature center at Wildcat Park.

We will leave early in the morning and get there in time for a picnic lunch. Then after lunch we can walk on the nature trails, stop to watch the birds and the wildlife and also enjoy the white water rapids on Shoal Creek.

We always cease a warm sunny day in autumn because winter comes too soon.  Do you connect with nature during the autumn season?

Learn more about the Audubon nature center in SW Missouri here.

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