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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Autumn Season is Best for Activities Recipes Crafts

Today was warm so husband and I went to our storage shed to organize the autumn season decorations and my craft things. There were 22 storage boxes labeled for autumn season.  In comparison to the other holidays the autumn season had more storage containers for crafts, decorations, kitchen recipes and cooking utensils. There was no question about it, the autumn season is by far the best and favorite season at my house.
Know that we start preparing for the travel activities in early summer, plus how we will decorate yard and home is planned in July. Which includes what crafts we will do for the upcoming season and how we will decorate for the holidays; Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving at Home

Thanksgiving at Home by sgolis featuring Godinger

Autumn is the longest and the best season for activities, recipes and crafts as each year is a bigger celebration than the year before. Hoping this year will be the best autumn ever.
Autumn decor ideas for living room

Autumn Harvest Living Room Decor

Autumn Harvest Living Room Decor by sgolis featuring zazzle throw pillows
Here are a few of my favorite blog posts; activities, recipes and decorations / crafts for the autumn season.