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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas - Deer Head with Antlers

When it comes to decorating our living space with wildlife accents I think that faux taxidermy is best.  So when I found this resin Stag Deer Head at I was delighted.  This deer head is very lifelike and will add ambiance to your living space, office and mancave.

The deer heads come in a variety of colors, including a natural white and black and then there are trendy colors; gold, silver pink and blue. Having so many colors to choose from will enable you to compliment your homes color scheme. Or you could buy a few deer heads and hang them on your feature wall and make a fabulous statement.

When it comes to decorating my home for the the autumn season I think the gold metallic resin deer head is elegant.  The color will compliment my dark hardwood furniture and think it will add ambiance to the room.   The deer head alone is fabulous but I may decorate those antlers with autumn garland on Thanksgiving day.

View more White faux Stag Deer Heads at

I think it would be fun to decorate the deer head and then hang it in the foyer.  I know my brother and his kids would have a good laugh .  So on Thanksgiving I think I will decorate this elegant Stag Deer Head with Antlers with garland and pumpkin ornaments.  Here is a collage that I created to give you an  idea.  

Decorate your Deer Head for Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Autumn Fashion Look for Work and Gatherings

Today I was shopping at OartTee for a fashion tee to go with high waist black jeans and pumpkin color jacket.  I needed a autumn style fashion outfit to wear to meet with clients, go out to lunch and for casual fall gatherings with family and friends.

OartTee has a variety of seasonal t-shirts and all are created by designers so there is no chance that you will show up at a fall party wearing the same shirt as your friend.  I bought the autumn style leaf print shirt today.  I know I will love it because I can wear it with jeans or with black plants or skirt.

This tee can be dressed up or dressed down it all depends on what you wear and how you accessorize it.  Here is a fashion set that I created at Polyvore.  This set will show a autumn look that is a must have in your wardrobe.  I don't know about you but I think I could even wear this outfit to church.

What do you think, do you love the leaf print tee from

Autumn Style Puppies Pumpkins and OartTee

Monday, October 5, 2015

Missouri Has Fun Fall Activities for Family

October is a busy month because we plan road trips to attend the autumn festivals in SW Missouri.   

This area in Missouri is is know for the autumn attractions, the Ozark Mountains has scenery that is gorgeous especially when the leaves change. Then there are small towns located in SW Missouri that offer autumn festivals; we enjoy comfort food, live entertainment, wholesome fun for the kids, crafts and art exhibit, all in a historic downtown area.  

So today I planned our road trips for the autumn season.  Normally we pack a bag and take a road trip to the small towns located in SW Missouri; Joplin, Neosho and Carthage are our favorites. 

This year we will be attending quite a few events; Oktoberfest, car show, Maple Leaf Parade and hope to attend a spook house and must go on the Historic Haunted house walking tour.  

We are so looking forward to the Autumn festivals in SW Missouri because we find the people to be friendly, food is delicious and attractions are fun.

Do you make plans for fall activities for your family?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Decorating Bedroom for Autumn

Today I took some time to make plans to decorate my bedroom for the autumn season. Granted I have never decorated my bedroom for the change of seasons but since my husband has been spending more time in our newly renovated room I thought I would pop decorate it so we can both it enjoy this space throughout the season..
The fall colors are warm and earthy; gold, orange, brown and touches of gold. These colors will give the bedroom a cozy feeling and it will be a great place for my husband to relax.
We just painted the walls a warm flax color and I do not plan on painting an accent wall, instead I will hang a few seasonal posters in hardwood frames. I also thought chocolate brown or pumpkin spice drapes would be eye appealing window treatments. Then all that would be needed would be a garland of fall colored maple leaves to drape across the drapery rod or maybe accent the post as a wall decoration.
Presently our comforter set is chocolate brown and instead of buying a duvet cover I think I will update the bed with assorted seasonal pillows and add a fall theme printed fleece blanket.
Then for the dresser I thought I would add lamp and a stack of books. I think this would create a focal area that would be eye appealing.

Do you decorate your master bedroom for the autumn season.