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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Night Before Thanksgiving

Well it is the night before Thanksgiving and my house is turned up side down. My husband is home sick, in bed with the flu so instead of making turkey for dinner tomorrow I plan to make organic turkey and vegetable soup. I will serve the homemade soup with biscuits. Then for dessert the cupcakes I made yesterday.

We planned on going to my brothers for Thanksgiving we were going to get up early and drive but one never plans on getting sick so when the flu strikes you really need to stay home and take care of your loved ones. So tomorrow we will be home and while my husband rests on the sofa I will continue decorating the house for Christmas.

I hope you all had a wonderful autumn season and I just want to thank you all for following my autumn season blog, I appreciate your comments and shares on social media.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baking Day A Fall Tradition

Today my husband and I made plans to have a baking day on Sunday. This fall baking day is a tradition at our house as it enables us to get all the bake goods made, put into tins and ready for handing out during the holidays.

We will bake all day to get ready for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. We have several bushels of apples so all of our family recipes for apples will be made. Apple walnut cake, apple muffins, apple pie, apple cranberry pie, apple turnovers and more apple goodies will be made on our traditional baking day.
All of our baking will be done in our small kitchen, and  we might get into each others way but I hope not.  I think the day will be fun and will be setting up the dinging room table and buffet as the holding station.  Everything will be cooled there and then put into holiday tins.
Do you have a baking tradition that you do with your family?

Here is a recipe for Apple pie made with real apples not store bought in a can.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

This morning I ventured into my husband domain and realized that the garage needed organization. Know that straightening the garage is a thing that I do every autumn because it makes finding the holiday decorations easier.
My husband says he knows where everything is but to tell you the truth it looks like a fire hazard. Clutter everywhere and stacks of old newspapers that are being saved to recycle , nothing in place, storage boxes not organized and golly I have no idea what is in them.

Everything in the garage needs to be gone through and it is time to get rid of what we have not used in the last two years. I prefer to not hold onto things for a rainy day. I think it is better to donate to a charity so that somebody can put good use to the item.

To make the garage easier to go through we will divide it up into section. Take everything out to the covered carport to go through the boxes, take out what we do not use and then repack the storage containers and label the outside.
Once the garage is organized and the cement floor swept and mopped then it will be so organized that the holiday decorations will be easy to find.  The last thing I want to do come Christmas is looking through containers in a cold garage. 
All items in cardboard boxes will be removed and repacked into plastic storage containers

Know that we are unpacking the cardboard storage boxes and restoring items into plastic storage bins with locking lids and they are on wheels. I found them at and they are great when you have to transport them to your home for packing or unpacking holiday decorations.

It is helpful to buy large storage containers in a variety of colors.  You can find the colors at the end of the season.  After Christmas it is easy to find red or green containers, after Halloween orange containers then the rest of the year the containers are blue or clear.
Here are some storage labels for your containers that will help you to find what you are looking for.
Red is a good color to use for a storage label because it is easy to see. Use a black waterproof marking pen to write on the label. Then highlight in yellow.

Use this label to check off the contents of the storage container.

Must Have Drink Coasters for Thanksgiving

Today I started my list of the things that I need for Thanksgiving. Know that I am not having a large family gathering but will be making the traditional turkey dinner for my immediate family and a few elderly neighbors that live alone. Whenever I entertain my guests do not hang out in the kitchen but instead sit in the living room where my antique furniture is and realized I must have drink coasters to protect hardwood from water rings.

Add Thanksgiving coasters to your seasonal decorations. Set them on your tables to protect the wood surface, they also are a good accent.

I have some generic looking bamboo coasters that I picked up at but they are not festive. This year I must have drink coasters for Thanksgiving that will coordinate with my room theme. In my search for autumn season coasters I did look at Target and Walmart and realized that inexpensive was not the answer. I wanted a drink coaster that was unique and decided to shop at

Zazzle has some fantastic sales plus the designs are one of kind because products are created by designers. So the coasters that I feature on my coffee and end tables will be works of art. Click here for coupon codes.

Here are some Thanksgiving drink coasters that are must haves.

Spice up your coffee table or desk with these handcrafted, custom wood coasters made with beautiful Maple plywood! Made in the USA from sustainably harvested woods.

Decorate your home with custom coasters! Made with high-gloss plastic and a non-skid cork backing. These plastic Thanksgiving drink coasters come in set of 6. They are good to have for beverages and I like to set a coaster under a vase of flowers.

Decorate your home with custom drink coasters! Simple, yet substantial, these coasters will look great in any room in your house. Made to keep your tables scratch-free, our custom sandstone coasters have a cork backing, so you can use them on any surface. This autumn leaves drink coaster has a classic appeal and can be used throughout the autumn season.

Easy Outdoor Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Greet your holiday guests with outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. This porch or yard display is eye appealing and easy to make. You do not have to go crazy with buying stuff for a feature yard display, when it comes to Thanksgiving less can be more.

For this easy yard or front porch display you will need a bale of straw, a potted mum, pumpkin and 4 to six stalks of dried corn that are tied together so they stand upright.  I use craft wire to secure the corn stalks the wire is strong and you can easily look the wire so that it can attache to the support. 

If you plan to use feature this display in the yard then dig a hole, insert PVC pipe or plant stake into the ground. Make sure the upright plant stake is at least three feet tall and then tie the corn stalks to this support so that they stand upright. For a porch you can tie the bunch of corn stalks together and set therm in a corner, use the porch wall as support.
Happy Thanksgiving with Fall Trees Lawn Sign
Happy Thanksgiving with Fall Trees Lawn Sign by daisylin712
Find more Happy thanksgiving greeting Yard Signs at Zazzle
In front to the corn stalks set the bale of straw, on top of the bale of straw set a potted mum and a pumpkin. Make or buy a welcome sign or “Happy Thanksgiving” greeting sign. And the display is done.

Other outdoor Thanksgiving decorations that you may like:

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweet Treats for Thanksgiving

When it comes to planning dessert for Thanksgiving many will bake pumpkin pies.  While the pies are delicious they are also time-consuming and so this year I am ordering some delectable desserts from

Here are a few of these delectable desserts.  Yes, I know that they look so pretty, so take a photo and then bite into one...oh my gosh the moist cake, the succulent flavor...these homemade desserts melt in your mouth.  Click the link to view all desserts available, and order a few for your Thanksgiving dessert tray.

Know that my husband bought me the cake pops last Christmas and I served them at a small get together, my guests did not hesitate to grab a cake pop and when they took a bite, the room was silent. Not one person spoke a word until after they had devoured their decadent dessert.  Yes, they are that good, in fact after you eat one of these desserts you will know that they were worth the price and then some.  But if you shop now you will find that has awesome sales and you can buy these desserts at a discount.

 There are a variety of desserts to choose from, shortbread cookies, chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies, cake pops, chocolate brownies, and more! 

*Customize with your choice of background color, or add your own text. Sweet treats are great severed at holiday parties, in gift bags, favors, or gifts!  They are also good to keep for yourself and eat after everyone goes to bed. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.