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Monday, June 22, 2015

Neighborhood Halloween Decorating Contest

My husband is one to compete with our neighborhood for the BEST decorated Halloween house and today he came home from shopping and said that he saw Halloween products on the shelves at Hobby Lobby. This of course made him think that we should start planning for October festivities. I like the Halloween season also but think we need to enjoy the summer season and NOT start getting ready for Halloween.
Photograph of Decorated house for Halloween 

In the past, Husband would start getting ready in August and I was okay with this since his projects were self-contained; in the garage and not on display in the yard...BUT June no way will I agree with him that it is time to get ready for the Halloween season.

Know that our neighborhood has an annual contest for the best-decorated yard for Halloween and every year my husband tries to win. He has been competing since 2007 but thus far has not won anything but has made kids smile and that means more than a prize plaque for the lawn

When getting ready for Halloween we make our yard decorations and buy pumpkins and corn stalks but this year husband has added inflatables; Halloween props and scenery to our yard. I think the kids will really like it and that the lighted props will make our  home at the bottom of the hill more noticeable to trick or treaters in the neighborhood.

Do you decorate outdoors for Halloween?

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