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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Putting Up Fresh Cherries For Fall Season

Last week I harvested the ripe cherries from my tree and my harvest was great. So I spent the entire day pitting the cherries for pie and freezing the leftover cherries for fall season pies, muffins and cobblers.  In the past my harvest has been small and there were never enough cherries left over for putting up. But this year I thought it would be really nice to have cherries on hand for pie in the fall.  

I wasn't certain as to how to put up fresh cherries so I asked my husband, the chef, and he told me to wash the cherries in cold water, remove the stems, cut in half and take out the pit.   Next get out your cookie sheets and line them with wax paper or parchment paper, I had parchment paper so that is what I used.

Set the half side up on the wax paper, the cherries are a single layer and they should not touch each other because they will freeze together.  Freeze the cherries. When the cherries are completely frozen, in approximately 5 to 6 hours to be fully frozen, Remove the cherries from the freezer, then transfer them into freezer zip lock bags, or other product that has air tight seal.  Then freeze the bagged cherries until they are needed for your fall recipes.

Know that getting fresh cherries ready for freezing, freezing them and then transferring them into freezer bags is not hard to do. BUT if you harvest the cherries in the morning and then follow all of these steps, you will be spending the entire day putting up your cherries. So why not make a fresh cherry pie on the same day that your prep cherries for freezing.

Personally while those cherries are freezing it sure would be nice to have a slice of pie. 


Sandy KS said...

I learnt how to clean cherries from my grandmother when I was a kid. there was a cherry tree in the next yard over. the house sat vacant for years. Every year, we would go over and pick cherries off the tree. Til new owners bought the house and chopped down the cherry tree. My grandmother could make the best cherry pie when she was alive.

S Golis said...

Lucky you to grow up with cherries from the tree every year. I think they taste better than store bought. Of course ours have no pesticides on them and that may be why. Why in the world would they chop down a cherry tree, so pretty in spring. Plus it takes so long for them to become established. I grow nanking cherries too. Have you heard of them, they grow on a bush and are wonderful for jams, jelly and baked goods.