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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn Leaf Jump Party Planning

Child size leaf pile for "Jumping" image by sgolis
Every year my neighbors and I participate in an annual autumn party.  We get together on the Saturday before Thanksgiving to enjoy a food, fun, conversation season activities which include everyone jumping into an enormous leaf pile. 

In preparation for this annual event I started to remove the leaves from the yard and gardens by raking 10 piles of leaves onto a tarp and then carried the tarp to the end of the street where the woods is and started to make the official leaf jump pile. 

My neighbor did the same and by the end of the day the pile was 8 high and 12 feet wide.  I was pleased with the size of the leaf pile.  However I will continue to enlarge the pile so that it will accommodate all of the adult leaf jumpers.  

We will also have a leaf pile for children. You see the bigger the pile of leaves the better the autumn party. An autumn  party is a good way to make those autumn leaves useful and is a way to make new friends and happy memories.


Beautiful Fall Scene flyer
Click to view Flyer by GAZoomIn

Choose a date and time for your party
Make a invitation flyer for the event that includes the particulars;
Name of event
Contact name
Phone number and email address 
Make a List of things needed:
Chicken wings
Baked beans
Mac and Cheese
Grill and hot dogs
Hot dog buns
Mustard, ketchup, pickle relish
Marshmallows and roasting
10 cleaned sturdy sticks for roasting marshmallows
Hot apple cider
Hot chocolate
Hot coffee

Paper bowls and plates
Plastic Utensils
Assorted homemade cookies

Other items needed:
Bring your own crock pots
Folding tables
Entertainment (donation of time)
Story teller for children
Bin and apples for bobbing

Please drop off tables, chairs and grill before the event begins and set up.

Planning is the secret to any special event.  Start to plan your autumn neighborhood party one month in advance and it will be a success.  When all of the planning is done, you can eat, drink and jump into the leaf pile .  

Pass out flyer two weeks before the party.  If you are friendly with neighbors you can always plan a party one week in advance.