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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Decorating with Zazzle Autumn Throw Pillows

Whenever I decorate my living areas such as my den, bedroom or living room I like to accent the room with autumn throw pillows and throws.   In the past, I would accent with plain orange, or chocolate colored pillows but found that I prefer autumn themed pillows that feature lovely scenery, leaves or trees.  These home accessories are more eye appealing and interesting.

Cozy Autumn Home Accessories by sgolis 

I do most of my shopping online as I am not the type of person that enjoys shopping at the mall.  The pillows that I decorated my space I found at  These throw pillows with the autumn maple leaves really caught my eye because orange is a good accent color with brown and it went well with the color flow in the room.   

Know that I stayed away from the pillows that were trendy and selected only classic style home accessories.  Anything traditional or classic can be used year after year.  

I have bought other pillows from Zazzle and found that the quality was excellent and the pillows soft to the touch and comfortable.  Good support for your head and neck while watching TV.  Even my husband likes the Zazzle pillows, he always grabs them when he lies on the sofa or the floor.

Here are a few autumn home decor pillows and sofa throws.  These home accessories are perfect for decorating your home for the autumn season.

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