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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hiking with My Dogs in Autumn

Whenever I take to the hiking trails in autumn I always take my dogs. Both are large and will protect my husband and I if a situation would arise, plus the dogs enjoy themselves as it is good exercise and a fun activity to do during the autumn season.

Choosing a nature trail where dogs are welcome is something that I look for when planning our hiking trip. I always call the state park ahead of time to make sure my dogs are permitted. Know that there are hiking trails that permit dogs, but you must keep them on a leash. 
 Public trails are fun, but if I want to let my dogs stretch their legs and play ball I will take them on private property hike. Many of my friends have acres of land and as long as I ask and give them notice they sure do not mind me letting my dogs walk without a leash.

Getting my dogs ready for nature trail hike.

Whenever I take my dog to the park I will get him ready by fastening a hunting bell to my dogs collar. I buy these bells that look like small cowbells because they have a ring that carries. 
The bells are an inexpensive item that has huge benefits as it lets everyone know that a dog or people are on the trails, plus if your dog happens to get away from you the bell will let you know where they are.
I also get my dog ready for a hike in the woods by putting a tick collar on them. Ticks are really bad where I reside and the revolution topical treatment that I use is not effective in the woods. My friend has hunting dogs and told me that the tick collar is a must if you are going to be walking in the woods.
The tick collar that was recommended to me by my Veterinarian is Preventic by Virbac. Know that this collar is effective because  when the tick bites your dog, the tick will detach itself and will be killed immediately. 
Other than the bell and the tick preventative, I will get my dog ready by bringing along a thermos full of water and a folding collapsible travel food or water bowl. .

Autumn will soon be here and I am looking forward to hiking with my dogs along the banks of Shoal creek in SW Missouri and Arkansas and we may take a few camping trips with our dogs.  The nature trails when the leaves start to change colors will be a really fun activity. 
Do you take your dog on nature hikes?
Here is one of trails in is off trail but does look like an adventure.

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