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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Getting Ready for Halloween

Well there is no stopping my husband, he is in the Halloween frame of mind and has started to shop for decorations for the yard.  He said he has to buy when he sees the lawn decorations  because if he waits too long they will sell out.

Okay I know that the early bird gets the worm but really wish that the retailers would not put out the  Halloween decorations until August, I think it would be more fun to shop for everything that you need and then get busy with designing your outdoor decorations; layout and then set up at the end of summer.

So this week husband is organizing the garage, and will pull out the Halloween orange plastic storage bins with locking lids that he got at target.  Know that when it comes to Halloween decorations it is important to color code the storage containers that way you can find what you need faster than looking for marking pen on the outside of a cardboard box.

We will check to make sure that the decorations / yard props are in working order and make a list of what is needed for repair, set up of prop enhancements.  By starting in July for our Halloween celebration it gives us approximately 12 weeks to get everything staged in our front yard.

 Know that I do love decorating the house and outdoors for Halloween and that I do it for the kids.  I love to see their eyes twinkle and see them smile.

Are you thinking about Halloween?

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