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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Autumn Home Décor Ideas

When you decorate your home with a autumn theme your home will feel warm and cozy. A splash of orange and brown color will set the stage for all of your seasonal get-together.  

The autumn season is when summer has ended and the leaves on the deciduous trees turn to lovely shades of yellow, orange and gold.  

During this season one will put away their summer décor items and bring out their seasonal decorations; harvest fruits and vegetables; pumpkins, squash, corn to name a few, chrysanthemum flowers, corn stalks and bales of hay.  All of these décor items will be displayed throughout the home as points of interest.

Before you begin your autumn theme you need to decide if you will be decorating your entire home or living areas; kitchen, den, living room, dining room and guest bathroom.  

Once you have decided you would then clean the slate by removing the entire out of season décor items.  Pack these items in plastic storage containers.

Take note of the seasonal décor items that are needed to complete your autumn theme.  Walk through your living areas with a note pad and make a list of colors and home accessories that would complement the room.

View my collection of autumn home accessories.  I created throw pillow, tablecloth, and posters from my original photographs that I captured while hiking in the Ozark Mountains in fall season.  Any of these products would look stunning in your home.  


Here are some ideas:
  1. If your sofa is a floral print cover it with an earth tone slipcover and accent the sofa with autumn maple leaf toss pillows. 
  2. You can also cover your floors with runners or area carpets and update your windows treatments with a warm brown or burnt orange insulated drape. 
  3. An arrangement of chrysanthemums would be eye appealing on your dining table, coffee table or foyer table. 
  4. Utilize silk autumn leaves, an assortment of different sizes of pumpkins, autumn spice candles and a cornucopia for your coffee table.  All of these décor items will add a sense of warmth to your living rooms.
  5. Select the feature walls or areas in your home that you would like to enhance.  These are the walls in which your eyes focus on, these accent walls need to be eye appealing.  Paint the wall with an autumn color then dress up your walls by hanging an autumn theme canvas print or poster.  Choose a single print, double or a quad to accent your walls.
  6. In your kitchen add fall themed towels, placemats, napkins, plates and mugs. Consider adding autumn décor items above your shelves or on top of your refrigerator.  Add splashes of autumn color orange, wheat, brown, yellow and green and your kitchen will have ambiance, a gathering place, for friends and family.