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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas for Tree

Turn your outdoor trees into spooky lighted monsters.  This Halloween decoration is quick and easy to do and you will receive compliments from trick or treaters. 

Halloween is a festive time of the year and many people decorate their lawns with blow up figurines and other store bought decorations.  

These decorations are rather costly and if you are on a budget you may not be able to decorate for Halloween. However if you are creative and have outdoor trees you can turn your trees into ghoulish monsters.  If you have time to spare, you can purchase the supplies for this project or use the lights that you have.  I turned the tree trunk into a 12 foot monster. 

From start to finish this DIY project took me two hours to complete and I saved on the lights by purchasing them at the Dollar store. 

Things you'll need to Decorate Trees for Halloween:

200 bulb orange tree trunk net lights
200 bulb strand of orange lights
 Staple gun with large staples
Lighted plastic pumpkin head
Two 3 to 4 foot branches; thickness not to exceed 1/8 of an inch
Outdoor extension cord


  • Choose a mature tree with a nice trunk. Your tree should be in a good focal point, so the children on the sidewalk can see it when they approach your yard.  
  • Stretch out your net lights so that they are flat. Wrap the lights on the side of the tree facing the front of your home. 
  • Attach the net lights to the trunk of the tree with a staple gun. Use caution to not staple through the net wires. The staple will hold the net in place. 
  •  When the body of the tree monster is covered with lights, you would then move on to the features of the tree monster. 
  • Look for 3 to 4 foot branches that you could use for the  arms.  Attach the branch arms to the net lights.  
  • Use wire to secure branch/arms to the net lights.
  •  Attach a wire at the end of the branch (hand area) and secure this wire to an upper branch on the tree. 
  • Create a head for the tree monster by attaching a lighted pumpkin head to the tree; you will need wire to keep head in place. If your tree is narrow you can wrap the wire around the tree and secure the wire tightly.
  • Finish the Halloween tree decoration by adding the 200 orange bulb strand at the base of the tree.  Arrange the lights so they are spread out.  It is helpful to decorate the tree at dusk so you can see how it looks.  When the the strand of lights protrude outward it looks like the tree monster is walking...see photo above.
  1. Before starting the outdoor Halloween decorating check your lights to make sure all of the bulbs are in good working order. 
  2. Buy everything that you need for the Halloween decoration so you do not have to stop and run to the store.
  3. You may want to decorate your yard with tombstones and make it look like a graveyard.  Or add a bale of straw, pumpkins and a scarecrow.  Set this Halloween display close to the base of your tree. 
  4. Consider adding a flood light off to the side to illuminate your yards Halloween decorations.