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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Make a Harvest Wreath for Front Door

Make a Harvest wreath:  By Susan Golis

A harvest wreath is a practical way to decorate in Thanksgiving as you can make it the first week of autumn and display it throughout the  season. 

 I make a harvest wreath every year and hang it on my front door as I find that it improves my homes curb appeal.  

The wreath is made from material found in my yard and garden and berries that I have gathered from the woods.  By using material from nature makes the  harvest wreath eye appealing.


Make the wreath by using grapevine, straw, branches or a ready made evergreen wreath like the one I made in the photo. 

Gather the material that you need to make a natural wreath.  Plan a autumn hike through a meadow or at a park.  

Take along a bag and gather colorful autumn leaves, dried flowers with attractive seed heads, winter berries, acorns, ornamental grasses plumes and pine cones. Go to the farmers market and buy and dried fragrant lavender, or rosemary.  

Pick up eucalyptus branches with leaves, dried blazing star liatris flowers or fresh or silk chrysanthemums .  All of these materials will make a colorful and interesting harvest wreath.  

Set all of your materials for the wreath on a work table.  The wreath goes in the center of the table and the materials are set to the side of the wreath as it is easy to design your wreath when materials are close by.

Treat all materials gathered from nature pests or insects.  

Attach a bunch of fragrant herbs by wrapping a wire round the stem.  Tuck the ends of the herb bunch into the wreath and then attach the wire to the base of the wreath.  For dried fruit and nuts I will use my hot glue gun to attach to the wreath.  

Create a wreath that is colorful and well balanced.

Recycle the evergreen harvest wreath by decorating it for the winter season and hang it on your garden gate.

You will benefit from a wreath that is made fresh using natural material especially if you add dried fragrant herbs. I grow English lavender and find the dried stems and purple blooms add  a fresh scent and the color makes the harvest wreath more festive.