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Monday, October 25, 2010

Spooky Halloween Branch Decoration - DIY

Get your spook on with this easy Do it yourself Halloween branch container.  If you are on a budget or prefer not to buy expensive seasonal decorations then you will find this branch and orange light Halloween container to be easy to make with huge results. Plan to make this container with your children, Allow them to help gather branches and then to decorate with lights and pumpkin or spider garland.

The branch decoration looks great when you add lights and place at front door or entrance to your porch. You could make a few and line your walkway or driveway! Here are some easy to follow tips on how to make a Halloween branch planter.

What you need to complete DIY Halloween Decoration

Black spray paint
9 inch container
Strand of 200 orange lights
Plastic tarp
Quick drying cement
Small skulls
Hot glue gun
Halloween garland
Branches  that are gathered from your yard or bought from craft store

Collect branches from the park or your backyard. You will need 12 branches for one container. Choose thin straight branches that are 18-28 inches in length.

Clean the branches by removing leaves or other small branches.  Then use a wire brush to scrub the branch this will lend for a smooth surface.  Set the branches on top of the tarp, space them ½ inches apart.  

Spray the branches with black paint. Wait for the branches to dry before turning them over to paint the backside.   While branches are drying you would then spray paint the container black. 

Plug up the drainage holes in the container and then add quick cement powder to the container.  Mix with water until you form cement like substance. Gather the black branches in your hand, and align as if you are making a bouquet. Grasp the ends of the branches to hold them tightly together. 

Put the branches in the center of the pot, continue to hold them together.  When the cement starts to dry and is holding the branches securely you can let go of the branches.  

Allow the cement to dry completely before moving on to the decoration of the branches.

Decorate the black branches with orange or purple lights.  Add festive pumpkin garland.

Take your glue gun and attach the small plastic skulls or spiders to the planter. Place your branch decorative planter at your entrance way, plug in and your Halloween branch container will light up your porch.

  • Be creative
  • Wear a mask when painting, to protect your lungs from paint fumes