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Monday, April 24, 2017

FUN Autumn Activities for Teenagers

Autumn is the last season before the bitterly cold weather so our family always spends quality time outdoors doing activities with our teenagers. Most people think that teens do not enjoy traditional activities but if you start them out doing the same things every year they do look forward to the activities, especially if they can bring along their friend.

Here are a few autumn activities that my family enjoys
    On a sunny afternoon, we make plans to go to a pumpkin patch. Pick out pumpkins for decoration and for carving into a Jack O’ Lantern. Our teenage kids always like picking the biggest pumpkin that they can find. Half the fun is getting it back to the car.

    I will watch for the advertisement for the fall bazaars my hometown then check out the activities, looking for the traditional autumn activities like pumpkin carving, drinking apple cider, going for a hayride or enjoying roasting marshmallows on an open fire for s’more chocolate treats. Teenagers love participating in the carving contests, they will eat smores and listen to the live music. City festivals are always fun for families with teenagers.

    Know that teenagers have different interests so my husband will plan an ATV outing. He will choose a trail where the trees are in full autumn color. Sometimes he brings along a picnic lunch, other times just snacks and drinks for the kids. Everyone loves this outing especially if the day is warm and sunny.

    What activities do you do with your family during the autumn season?

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