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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Make your own Branch Centerpiece

Decorating your home with branches is a great way to add interest to your décor. You can shop for branches online at or you can make your own by using branches from your trees.

Using your own branches is a frugal and fun way to create unique decorations. I have created branch decorations for under $10.00, of course, it does take the time to complete but if you enjoy doing crafts then you will love making branch centerpieces.

The best time to gather branches in late summer or after the trees or shrubs have been pruned. If you have no branches then look for them at a park.  Look for a branch that is 18 to 24 inches in length, it should have a straight center branch then side branches.

Clean the branch with warm soapy Dawn antibacterial dish soap to remove excess dirt. Let the branch air dry. When the branches are dry you would then treat them with a pesticide to kill any insects. Allow the branches to dry.

Spray paint the branches the color of your choice. I like the colors gold, silver or white, but you can choose the color that you like. Use a spray paint like the brand name Krylon or Rust-Oleum.  It is best to spray the branches lightly otherwise it can be messy. You can always reapply the paint with second spraying.

When branches are dry, secure them so they are standing upright. Buy from the craft store a Styrofoam block and a hot glue gun. Push the branches into the center of the Styrofoam block and use a glue gun to keep the branches in place. Gluing around the top of Styrofoam and the base of the branch is good.

When branches are secure you would then put the Styrofoam block into the display box or vase. If using a vase to display your branches then choose one that is not clear, a pattern or color vase, pot or urn is best.

Decorating Ideas

Decorate your branches with glitter by spraying the tip of the branches with glue then dust the branches in the glitter.

You can also decorate your branches with Halloween lights or garland. For autumn drape a swag of autumn leaves or small lightweight autumn season ornaments.

Here is another way to decorate, learn how to use the leaves from your trees.  

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