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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Favorite Autumn Activities

Today while organizing boxes in the attic I came across some photographs that I had taken last autumn and I got to thinking of my favorite season and wondered what activities we would participate in this year.

I do not need a calendar to tell me when the season of autumn has begun. Nature has a way of letting you know. When I look south toward the mountain ridge I can see that the leaves are starting to change. I may see that a few trees have red leaves and others have orange and golden leaves, while other trees have green leaves.
Here are some postcards that I made from my autumn photographs. All photos were captured when I was hiking in the Ozark Mountains parks.

Autumn in Arkansas Photograph Postcard
Autumn in Arkansas Photograph Postcard 
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Magnificent silver maple tree, this photo postcard is my favorite.
The fall season is my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the warm days and cool nights and also like the activities. There is something to do every weekend from late September through the first part of November.
One of the activities that my family and I enjoy is getting together with my brother to harvest the pears. We also like to go to the you pick it pumpkin orchards. We usually make it an all day event because when the harvesting is done everyone eats a bowl of homemade chili and then sit by a bonfire. The kids roast marshmallows and if there are leaves on the ground we will all participate in a leaf jump.

Another autumn activity that my family enjoys doing is touring the corn maze and then picking out our pumpkin at a local farm. We participate in neighborhood gatherings; annual Jack O lantern carving contest and go to country church bazaars and hometown festivals in Missouri.  

You bet I enjoyed looking at the autumn photographs today and reminiscing about all the activities. I am looking forward to this fall and wondering what we will be doing.

What are your favorite autumn activities?

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