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Friday, May 26, 2017

Halloween Graveyard Wall Decal Review

Decorate your home for Halloween is easy when you hang a decal on your wall. While shopping online today I found a spooky Halloween decal that would look fantastic in my office or in my family room. I liked that it was large and that it would take up most of the wall. Then all I would need to do is add a few decorations on my table, throw pillows for chairs and a pumpkin or two.

Before ordering the Halloween wall decoration I did read the customers reviews and learned that the bats were individually cut from cardboard and that the tree and graveyard of the decal were one piece of lightweight vinyl.  All of the reviewers said that they had to tape the decals to the wall and I thought I would use two-sided gorilla tape so that the pieces would stay on the wall.

As you can see the room set that I created the decal looks great. If you are seeking easy Halloween decorations for your home then I would recommend this decal.

Halloween Wall Decal by sgolis featuring Halloween home decor

Here are a few Halloween decorations that I recommend.

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