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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Season Came Early This Year

I had a feeling that our fall season would come early this year because our August weather was 20 degrees cooler than normal. In fact there were a few nights in August that were cold. When the temperature dipped into the low 50's in August it felt more like early fall. Then came September and the weather was cooler than usual. Fall has come very early this year and with the season change there is more work to do and less time to enjoy my yard and garden.
Today I spent most of the day outdoors doing what I can to manicure the yard and gardens before this weeks cold weather forecast. I made a point to remove the fallen leaves from my irises and to cut back annual plants that have started to die.

The four O clock flowers have gone to seed and gathered the seeds for winter storage. 

 Now that the fall season is here I am thinking more about decorating my porch and updating the planters with hardy flowers like pansies and kale. I think tomorrow I will go to the pumpkin patch and see about buying a few nicely shaped pumpkin. I will also head over to Lowes garden center and buy a few potted Chrysanthemums for a lawn decorations.   

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