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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Decorating for Fall Season: Sofa Gets an Update

When it comes to decorating your living space for fall you do not have to go nuts, don't have to spend a lot of money. You can shop online at and watch for the sales then buy four throw pillows in a variety of shapes and colors.
I have bought several pillows on sale at zazzle and my husband loves them. So this year I am shopping at zazzle for my fall decoration and for sofa throw pillow and blanket. Know that when the season changes and the nights get cold my husband and I are real comfortable on the sofa thanks to the pillows and light weight sofa throw. On chilly nights we like a fleece blanket because the texture provides warmth and the feel is oh so cozy.
If you do plan to shop at zazzle for your fall home decoration I would recommend that you take advantage of the Zazzleblack shipping perk. You get free standard shipping for a year for $9.95. Unlimited shipping on all orders for products plus there is a 30 day free trail. Let me tell you it is worth it to get the zazzle black because shipping is expensive otherwise.

My likes for fall season sofa update decorations

Cozy fleece blanket with autumn leaf design.
Autumn leaves William Morris vintage pattern Fleece
Autumn leaves William Morris vintage pattern Fleece Blanket by YANKAdesigns
Check out other William morris Fleece Blankets at

Light weigh autumn leaves sofa throw, for cool evening comfort or for sofa accent.

Cozy and Comfortable throw pillows in a variety of styles, colors and shapes.

And if you want to stretch out on the sofa know that his body pillow will provide you with a support and comfort. Great for your back and for women who are pregnant.

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