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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Season Change: Autumn Nights are Cooler

When I look out my window I can see that the leaves are falling  from the  oak trees and accumulating on the lawn. Plus the sweet autumn clematis  and chrysanthemums are in full bloom.  Nature has a way of telling us when the summer is ending.  Yes the season is changing, fall flowers are blooming and cooler temperature is in the forecast.

Chrysanthemums in bloom, they are Falls flower
Today I turned off our air-conditioner and opened up the windows.  The high was 72 degrees.  Airing out my house sure was nice however I did close the window about ten this evening because the breeze felt cold.

Presently the thermostat outdoors says it is 57 degrees and the low tonight will be 48.    That is  too cold for this time of the year and I need to get ready for a cooler than usual autumn this year. 

Tomorrow I will be busy with indoor activities.  I want to pack up my summer pastel clothing because the season has changed.  It is time to get out the darker colored tee's, jeans, cords, light flannel shirts and find suitable shoes.

Here is a transitional tee that is perfect for the autumn season.

There will still be some days that are hot so a few short sleeve tees and capri pants will be good on those days but shorts and pastel floral tops are last season and they will be packed  tomorrow in under the bed storage containers.  Then I will go up to the attic to look for the alternative down comforter for our bed because it will keep us warm when autumn nights are cool.  

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day packing up summer clothes and getting ready for the autumn season.  

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