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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Autumn in the Great Smoky Mountains

Normally I do no think of autumn in July but husband mention that he would like to go to the smoky mountains this year to view the fall colors and I know that I will need to make travel arrangements if we expect to get a spot in a camp ground or a room at a hotel.

You really have to make your arrangements well in advance because everybody and their brother travels to the great  smoky mountains to view the autumn scenery.

Here are some landscape photographs of the autumn season.

There are many beautiful areas in the US to view the autumn leaves, some people travel to New England, others to Vermont or North Carolina. Another one of my favorite destinations is hidden away in Arkansas, the city of Eureka Springs is spectacular during the fall season and many people travel to this city in the mountains to capture the beautiful scenery with their cameras.

Know that autumn is my favorite season and I am am really looking forward to our road trip this year to the great smoky mountains.  Here is a video that will show you how gorgeous autumn is.

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