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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Easy Outdoor Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Greet your holiday guests with outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. This porch or yard display is eye appealing and easy to make. You do not have to go crazy with buying stuff for a feature yard display, when it comes to Thanksgiving less can be more.

For this easy yard or front porch display you will need a bale of straw, a potted mum, pumpkin and 4 to six stalks of dried corn that are tied together so they stand upright.  I use craft wire to secure the corn stalks the wire is strong and you can easily look the wire so that it can attache to the support. 

If you plan to use feature this display in the yard then dig a hole, insert PVC pipe or plant stake into the ground. Make sure the upright plant stake is at least three feet tall and then tie the corn stalks to this support so that they stand upright. For a porch you can tie the bunch of corn stalks together and set therm in a corner, use the porch wall as support.

Happy Thanksgiving with Fall Trees Lawn Sign
Happy Thanksgiving with Fall Trees Lawn Sign by daisylin712
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In front to the corn stalks set the bale of straw, on top of the bale of straw set a potted mum and a pumpkin. Make or buy a welcome sign or “Happy Thanksgiving” greeting sign. And the display is done.

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