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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baking Day A Fall Tradition

Today my husband and I made plans to have a baking day on Sunday. This fall baking day is a tradition at our house as it enables us to get all the bake goods made, put into tins and ready for handing out during the holidays.

We will bake all day to get ready for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. We have several bushels of apples so all of our family recipes for apples will be made. Apple walnut cake, apple muffins, apple pie, apple cranberry pie, apple turnovers and more apple goodies will be made on our traditional baking day.
All of our baking will be done in our small kitchen, and  we might get into each others way but I hope not.  I think the day will be fun and will be setting up the dinging room table and buffet as the holding station.  Everything will be cooled there and then put into holiday tins.
Do you have a baking tradition that you do with your family?

Here is a recipe for Apple pie made with real apples not store bought in a can.

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