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Friday, October 2, 2015

Decorating Bedroom for Autumn

Today I took some time to make plans to decorate my bedroom for the autumn season. Granted I have never decorated my bedroom for the change of seasons but since my husband has been spending more time in our newly renovated room I thought I would pop decorate it so we can both it enjoy this space throughout the season..

Cozy Autumn Bedroom by sgolis 
The fall colors are warm and earthy; gold, orange, brown and touches of gold. These colors will give the bedroom a cozy feeling and it will be a great place for my husband to relax.
We just painted the walls a warm flax color and I do not plan on painting an accent wall, instead I will hang a few seasonal posters in hardwood frames. I also thought chocolate brown or pumpkin spice drapes would be eye appealing window treatments. Then all that would be needed would be a garland of fall colored maple leaves to drape across the drapery rod or maybe accent the post as a wall decoration.
Presently our comforter set is chocolate brown and instead of buying a duvet cover I think I will update the bed with assorted seasonal pillows and add a fall theme printed fleece blanket.
Then for the dresser I thought I would add lamp and a stack of books. I think this would create a focal area that would be eye appealing.

Do you decorate your master bedroom for the autumn season. 

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