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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Easy Autumn Floral Centerpiece Instructions

One of my clients had asked me if I could make a autumn centerpiece for her.  She had seen one at Hobby Lobby that she liked but did not want to pay the asking price.  She had many craft items as well as an assortment of silk and dried autumn flowers and grasses.  

 I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at the centerpiece. I could make it and so I accepted the contract.  My out of pocket was minimal and compensation was more than enough considering I had fun making the autumn floral centerpiece.
I made the floral arrangements as seen on my clients table

For this project I used:
2- Already made craft dowel vases from craft store
Florist craft dry foam
Florist tape
Natural craft raffia 8 ounces of long strong fibers
2 bouquets of assorted wildflower and sunflower matching bouquets
Dried stems of  thistle, wheat and assorted grass plumes
Hot glue gun
To make this arrangement I cut a piece of dry florist foam and taped in the bottom of the wood vase.   I used the florist tape to wrap around the silk bouquet and natural dried accents. This ensured that the flowers would stay gathered in the bouquet and would not separate.
Add natural dried grasses to arrangement
In order to keep the flower stems from drooping hot glued them before I inserted them into florist dry foam. It is best to put the stems into the center of foam.  When the glue is dry and flower are secure then work with the flowers and grass stems to making them look pretty.  I accented this arrangement with a raffia bow. Wrap the raffia around the vase several times. The raffia bow will face to the front with long ties.  Keep the raffia in place by using your hot glue gun to attach the wrap to the wood craft vase.

And you are done. I hope you will enjoy making this pretty autumn centerpiece.

Grass arrangement in clay pot by Pixabay public domain photos: 

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