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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Traditional Holiday Baking

Today I met up with my friends and we agreed that we will all get together before Easter and then again in the fall for a day of baking. Baking with friends is fun and it enables us to to have variety of desserts and breads for our family.

In the spring we will make cream pies, cookies, breakfast muffins and sweet bread recipes and in the fall we bake with our harvested fruit; apples, pears. Plus we will make cranberry, chocolate and pumpkin recipes.

I always look forward to baking day, but my favorite holiday for baking is in the autumn. I really enjoy making comfort bake goods. Last year the baking day was in my kitchen and it was way too small. This year I will go to my friends house and there will be plenty of room for all of us.

As a rule, we must use recipes that are passed down through the family. Or in other words none of the recipes are new, they are all from our childhood.

When all of the baking is done, we will grab our food containers and go through the line picking out a variety of desserts and baked goods for our families to enjoy, throughout the holiday season.

Do you participate in a Tradtional baking day?

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