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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Organizing Autumn Decorations for Storage

My historic home has large rooms but only two closets.  Finding storage space is a challenge, however I have gotten very creative in finding places to stash my autumn decorations.  

This year it was like playing hide-n-seek as I found decorations under the bed, behind the china cabinet that is angled in the corner and some decorations were underneath a table that was covered with a damask tablecloth.  It took me a week to find all of the autumn decorations and the house was turned upside down. 

My plan is to pack everything by wrapping the breakable decor items in bubble wrap and then putting it in cardboard boxes.  I will then seal the box with packing tape and  label the outside with the contents.  Then all of the boxes will be put into categories according to the room; Kitchen, Bathroom, Den, Dining, Living, Foyer, Porch. 

Each category will be packed into a plastic storage container and labeled on the side with the contents of the box. Autumn decorations kitchen or Halloween decorations for den.   

Storage Containers

Let's talk a little bit about storage containers.  There's a variety of storage products available to the consumer and I have tested out many of them.

This year I bought a large container to use for my autumn kitchen and dining room decorations.  What I like about the heavy plastic storage container is the locking lid.  It is held in place with the handles so it is a secure fit and will not come undone if someone bumps it.

Another feature is the wheels on the bottom of the container which makes it easier to move from room to room and then to the garage.  I have used other containers that did not have wheels and found that they were heavy to lift and also hard on my husbands back. 

In addition to the containers on wheels I bought see through stacking containers for autumn towels, and table linens.  If you fold with tissue paper and stack neatly you will not need to iron your napkins or tablecloths next season.

So today I am organizing my autumn decorations and my hubby is organizing the garage.  We will work together as a team to get this job done.