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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Make Roses from Maple Leaves

Make roses from maple leaves and use them for a fall centerpiece.  If you are crafty and good with your hands you must make these roses made from maple leaves. I came across this blog this morning and was so impressed that I tried my hand at these maple leaf rose beauties. To do this project I gathered three sugar maple leaves for each rose,  The leaves that I picked were still on the tree. They had full autumn color however because they were still on the tree they were easier to work with. I collect various colors from the sugar maple trees. I had yellow, golden, orange and a bright florescent red orange leaves.
 I tried my hand at making these roses made from maple leaves, I will admit it looks easier than it actually is. I will continue to practice and if I complete the task and make a perfect maple leaf rose I will share the image. Here is the link for the instructions. If you do happen to succeed in making the roses please leave me a comment.

Making roses out of maple leaves is a great way to spend the afternoon with your children. Make this craft a family activity.