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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Activities Keeping Warm Outdoors

The weather in my hometown has been gorgeous: daytime temperature in the mid-70's and at night the temperature was in the 50's. No need to turn on the heat, we just snuggled under a lofty down comforter and sleep all night long.  How I love this autumn fair weather and I was hoping the temperature would never end however today it was rather crisp and the air was cold enough for me to put on socks and a sweater. 

Normally I spend the morning hours outdoors; I will walk with my dog in the woods, looking for insects, wildlife or unusual leaves or rock formation. I am happiest when I am taking photographs of nature. 

 Today my husband and I ventured out for an off trail hike along the oak tree ridge.  We hiked to the highest elevation and could not descend downward as we had planned because my feet, hands and nose were cold.   I assumed the day would warm up but instead dark clouds rolled in and the air became colder.  Autumn is a season when one day can be sunny and warm and the next day can be cold. Today I obviously was not prepared and did not dress properly as I was freezing.

This weekend my region will be in peak color for the autumn season.  The change in weather is not going to stop me from experiencing it and I intend to spend a few days hiking and taking photographs of waterfalls.  I will pack a hat, gloves thermal shirt and rain gear, that way I will be ready for any change in  weather. 

If you have plans to hike or spend time outdoors this autumn, think ahead and take clothing that will keep you warm as the weather could be lovely in the morning and cold in the afternoon.

If you plan on hiking on trail or off, never hike alone as it is not safe, hike with friends, or spend quality time with your family.  If you are hiking at a state park, stop at the park ranger’s office to inquire about safe trails.  It is always a good idea to check in with the park ranger especially if you are not familiar with the park.  The ranger will note your time of arrival and will watch for your departure.