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Monday, September 14, 2015

My Likes: Zazzle Halloween Looks for Baby Girl

Halloween is a special time for babies especially if it is their first. Granted they are too little to go tick or treating but that does not mean that they cannot look the part. I always love it when the little ones arrive at my door in their stroller. Parents dress them in Halloween t-shirts and the girls in tutus. They are so precious. So today I am shopping for Halloween for babies because this year I have an adorable niece to buy for.

I am not someone who drives all over town for shopping, I think the malls are a waste of time and energy.  When I shop it is online and my first stop was Amazon because they have really cute outfits for babies and toddlers. I saw a few outfits for baby girls by Calvin Klein that I liked and a Steve Madden fleece hoodie but they were all baby gifts that would be perfect for Christmas. They were not what I was looking for so I headed over to

A few of my friends have adorable kids shops at zazzle and I really love the products that they create for baby girls and boys. They tell me that one crawler, bib or tee takes them several hours to create. I do appreciate the time and effort that they put into their baby clothes because they are adorable and unique.

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween tees, bodysuits and accessorizes for baby girl.  I think these Halloween looks are too cute.  Do you agree?


Country Style Halloween Bibs
Country Style Halloween Bibs by BohemianBoundProduct
Look at more Halloween Baby Bib at zazzle

If you like any of the adorable Halloween products shown click the link to view at the store or to buy.