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Friday, November 23, 2012

My Black Friday Shopping Recommendations

In order to be a successful shopper  on Black Friday I would recommend that you have a well thought out plan and that you are well rested, hydrated and that you wear comfortable running shoes.

My Black Friday Recommendation:

  1.  If you are going to shop on Black Friday then have a plan of action and take a nap before heading out to stand in the lines. 
  2. A map of the store would also be helpful so you can cut out the time needed to search for the products on your gift list.
  3. Band with other shoppers by giving them part of your shopping list, by doing this you will save time and your chances of buying the products is better because they may not be sold out.
  4. Prepare yourself for ciaos, and practice holding onto your favorite cashmere sweater with a strong and confident grip.   
  5. Practice speaking in a low voice and repeat the words; "this is mine I had it first get your own." 
  6. Think of the days when you shopped at Loehmann’s for their annual 65% off designers fashions and then get into your aggressive shoppers frame of mind.  
For all you dedicated black Friday shoppers I wish you well but for me I think next year I will stay in my comfortable home and plan to shop online on Cyber Monday.

Happy Holidays everyone!