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Thursday, July 28, 2011

FUN Autumn Activities for Kids

Autumn is the season when the leaves change and the scenery is simply gorgeous.  The weather is comfortable which makes it a perfect time for traveling and spending time outdoors.  
corn maze is so much fun
Enjoy an Indian summer day with your children by planning to tour a corn maze. Make a game out of the corn maze by splitting your family into two groups. Set your watch to see how long it takes you to make it out of the maze. The corn maze is a fun family activity. 

Have fun in autumn is to gather your family for a leaf leap. Section off the lawn and commence in raking the leaves to the center of the yard.  Compile all of the leaves so that you have a large leaf pile. Take turns leaping into the leaf pile.  Make a party out of the seasonal event and serve punch and cookies.  

Build a campfire and encourage your family to sit around the fire pit. Count the stars in the sky, and watch for shooting stars.

Roast marshmallows for S'Mores and tell your children a spooky tale or two. Autumn is the perfect time to share your childhood memories and to celebrate the season with your family.