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Autumn Cards and Gifts by Susan

Autumn is the season when the days are shorter, the nights are cooler and the leaves of the deciduous trees turn from green to lovely hues of orange, red and gold.  

 Many people will decorate their homes with an autumn theme and they will invite their friends and family over for harvest parties, and open house gatherings. 

View video of autumn in the Ozark Mountains.  It is really quite lovely. 
Autumn is my favorite time of the year as I am a photographer and enjoy the great outdoors.  Recently while touring foothills of the Ozark Mountains I captured scenic landscapes and beautiful copper coleus gardens on a bright Indian summer day. From these photographs I designed a collection of autumn cards and home gift.  
Here are a few of my photo art designs.
Cards and Postage
Autumn Home and Office Decor

Yellow Chrysanthemum Dart Board by Susang6
Autumn Maple Leaves Mousepad
Autumn Maple Leaves Mousepad by Susang6

If you love autumn as much as I do then you may enjoying my autumn pinboard here


Belinha Fernandes said...

Hi! Read what you post on facebook and come here to check your blog! You have a lot of beautiful Autum products! Very nice Autum colors!Plus you rblog has lots of good reading other than products. I am going to check that chicken soup! I hope things get better! I also need some traffic! Been joining FB groups, it might do the trick...or not. I don't know.Have a great Saturday!

Belinha Fernandes said...

I am following your blog now! This gave me an idea! Maybe I should start highlighting some blgs in my blog too. I just do it for Zazzle shops. Some zazzle blogs are just a window for products. But I like those where people blog about other things also!Let me know waht you think about it.

S Golis said...

Belinha Fernandes: I wanted to blog about my zazzle designs but did not want it to be just products. I think it is better to have a well rounded blog that offers information about how the product can be used, your audience may visualize it and feel the need to buy it because the product will work with their home decor or they have the need for the card, or gift.

I think I am onto a new way to promote products...hope this design is well received.

Let me know when you update your blog and I will check it out. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your kind words.