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Friday, February 17, 2017

FUN Family Activity /Picking Apples at Orchards

One of my favorite late summer through October activities is going to the local apple orchards to pick fresh apples from the tree. Where I reside there are u-pick-it orchards and this family activity is one we do annually.

When it comes to picking apples from trees we always plan to do this activity on a breezy or after a hard rain day because it is easier to gather newly fallen apples off the ground.

How to pick apples from the tree:

    Climb to the top of the ladder and harvest apples from the lower limbs. Or while standing on the ground reach up and pull the branches down and pick the apples from the tree. Climb the tree and harvest by putting apples in sack or bucket before lowering the container when it is full. 

    We will pick ripe and almost ripe apples from the tree, because you can put hem in cardboard boxes and large brown bags, then store in a cool area that is 60 to 70 degrees.  The fruit will ripen this way.

Other Tips for Picking Apples

Call the farm that offers “you pick it apples” make sure that the apples are ready for harvest. Know that we have taken day trips to get to a farm in Missouri only to arrive and find out that they were picked clean of apples.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie by sgolis featuring a watercolor painting

Wear a comfortable long shirt and baggy pants, hiking boots and socks are important and also a sun hat. Treat your clothing for insect repellent, including biting flies fleas and ticks.

Bring along bottled water and snacks. I like breakfast or protein bars, but if you are going to be out in the country you may want to bring along a picnic lunch.

Don’t forget your camera. Make happy memories with your family by spending the day in the country picking apples. These photos are great for scrapbooks and sharing on Facebook.

Search for other places to see in the u-pick it area. There may be an old mill, park or scenic overlook that your family will enjoy.

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