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Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweet Treats for Thanksgiving

When it comes to planning dessert for Thanksgiving many will bake pumpkin pies.  While the pies are delicious they are also time-consuming and so this year I am ordering some delectable desserts from

Here are a few of these delectable desserts.  Yes, I know that they look so pretty, so take a photo and then bite into one...oh my gosh the moist cake, the succulent flavor...these homemade desserts melt in your mouth.  Click the link to view all desserts available, and order a few for your Thanksgiving dessert tray.

Know that my husband bought me the cake pops last Christmas and I served them at a small get together, my guests did not hesitate to grab a cake pop and when they took a bite, the room was silent. Not one person spoke a word until after they had devoured their decadent dessert.  Yes, they are that good, in fact after you eat one of these desserts you will know that they were worth the price and then some.  But if you shop now you will find that has awesome sales and you can buy these desserts at a discount.

 There are a variety of desserts to choose from, shortbread cookies, chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies, cake pops, chocolate brownies, and more! 

*Customize with your choice of background color, or add your own text. Sweet treats are great severed at holiday parties, in gift bags, favors, or gifts!  They are also good to keep for yourself and eat after everyone goes to bed. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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