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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Harvesting Apples and Pears in Fall is a Fun Activity

This week my husband and I went to help family and friends harvest pears and apples from their orchard. The trees were really heavy with fruit and we had to remove the fruit because the upcoming bitter cold weather would cause the fruit to freeze and then the fruit on the trees would rot quickly. So we left a week ago Thursday and returned yesterday.  A full week was needed to harvest the apples and pears from the tree orchard.
apples in trees

Harvesting fruit in trees is a real workout as I was nominated to climb the ladder then the tree branches to get to the fruit at the top of the tree. Then all I needed to do is shake the branch and the pears would fall to the ground. Everyone on the ground needed to catch the falling fruit or pick the pears or apples s up off the ground and then put into boxes.
apple pear chutney
Homemade apple pear chutney in Mason jars

When the harvest was completed my husband and I had two large boxes of pears and apples. We were happy to get the fruit because my husband and I will use them for our recipes; bake goods, sauces, marmalade, jelly, chutney and for daily eating.

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