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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Making Plans for Autumn Decorating

Many people will get their homes ready for the fall season by making plans in late summer.  Typically they will buy magazines and shop in craft store to get ideas for their autumn season decorations.  

Come September it is wise to start making plans for your autumn decoration theme and to start to get your home ready for the autumn season. 

The autumn season is the season when the days can be warm but not as warm as the summer months and the nights will be cool enough for a blanket.  

During the autumn months your summer flowers will produce their seed pods or they will die back.  The tree leaves will turn from green to orange, red or gold.  This symbolizes that nature is getting ready to go into dormancy and that winter will be here soon. 

Organize Summer Season 

Before you decorate your home for autumn you will need to pack up all of your summer home accessories.  September is a transitional month and it is time when you will pack up your pastel and summer color clothing.  
Put the home accessories and clothing in large rubber containers with locking lids and wheels.  Write on a label the contents on the container and then stick the label on the top of the lid of the container. 
Autumn Home Clean-up
Before you decorate it is wise to clean your home thoroughly.  Start at the top of your home and work your way down.  
Remove the ceiling light fixtures and wash them, change the light bulbs before you screw the fixtures back on. Next Clean the ceiling fans and remove the spider webs on the ceiling.  
  • Clean your windows inside and out. When the windows are clean, the natural light will warm your home throughout the fall season.
  • Wipe down your kitchen counters, cabinets and clean your oven and refrigerator.
  • Polish your wood furniture and wood cabinets. Check your wood floors, are there scratches? If so clean, wax and buff your natural wood floors.
  • Clean the bathroom and calk around the bathtub, sink and toilet if it needs it.
  • Remove your bed linen including your mattress pad and launder. Dry clean your comforter pillows and drapes. If your bed ensemble has a summer theme then pack the clean linens along with the comforter in a storage container.
  • Clean your fireplace by removing the ashes and then clean the bed with hot soapy water. Check the glass and hearth for discoloration; soot and grime and clean with hard surface cleaner. Have your chimney swept if needed.  Take steps to get your fireplace ready for the cool nights in autumn.
  • Steam clean your carpets and any upholstered furniture. By cleaning your carpets, you will remove dirt, dust, and pet dander.
  • Check your furnace filter. It is best to change the filter seasonally such as spring summer fall and winter. This helps your furnace to work better and it will help remove dust and allergens for interior air.  Consider replacing your furnace filer with allergen-reducing filter.
  • Prepare your home for the fall season by cleaning and packing up summer attire and décor items. Start the first week of September. Then you can concentrate on decorating your home for autumn season.

Clean on a day when you are able to open the windows. Air ventilation is advisable when you are using cleaning products.

Allergy suffers wear a mask when cleaning.

Here are some autumn decorating ideas for your home: