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Friday, September 9, 2011

Chrysanthemums Autumns Official Flower

 In the United States the Chrysanthemum is autumns official flower as it is featured growing in gardens, containers and many people decorate with the chrysanthemum by adding the flower to centerpieces, focal lawn displays and to harvest wreaths.  This autumn choose a chrysanthemum flower that will compliment your home and garden and celebrate the season with the beautiful blooms in a variety of colors;white, cream, yellow, gold, bronze, red, burgundy, pink, purple and mauve .

Image Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons 

 Chrysanthemum can be grown as an annual or a perennial.  If you want to plant the mum in your yard and garden then select hardy mum's or garden mums.  Florist mums are not grown to be planted in the ground they are more for seasonal decorations.  

If you look at the florist mum and the hardy mum they appear the same, with exception that the hardy or garden mum is a higher quality mum and will look fuller and stronger.  When in doubt ask the nursery salesperson.

Grow chrysanthemums by planting them in the ground as they are herbaceous perennials for USDA zone 4 to 10. If you plant chrysanthemum flowers they will return every year and brighten your garden with with stunning autumn hued flowers.

View this video for inexpensive decorating ideas and pop up your home this autumn with Chrysanthemums. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Easy to Make a Halloween Wreath

This year when you set out to decorate your home for Halloween, be sure to stop by the craft store to pick up products to decorate a wreath for your front door.  

Last year I recycled a Christmas wreath and turned it into a festive Halloween wealth.  I used the products that I had; balsam Christmas wreath, 100 strand of battery operated orange lights, black and white ribbon and black pipe cleaners. I bought orange spray paint, black feathers, small white skeletons, silk candy corn attached to a stem and other small Halloween decorations.  

 Decorating the wreath was fun and I was able to get some help from my neighbors children.  When it comes to kids I tend to let them be creative.  I tell them how to balance the wreath with color and decor items and then I step back to oversee and help when needed.   I think the best wreaths are decorated by children because they are so cute.  

Here is a orange themed Halloween wreath that would be fun to create. 

Before you begin this craft choose a work area that has good air circulation.  Then cover your work table with a tarp so it is protected from the paint and the hot glue.   It is best to work with a wreath that is not plastic as the plastic does not hold the paint.  If you do not have a Christmas wreath then you can buy an inexpensive wreath from a craft store or the Dollar store.

Set the wreath in the middle of the tarp. Spray the paint evenly on the wreath.  Wait 20 minutes and then repeat. When the wreath is fully dry in about an hour you would then flip it over and paint the other side. 

Before you decorate the wreath make sure that the paint is completely dry.

Wrap the the lights around the wreath.  Allow space between the lights, this space is needed so you can decorate with spooky effects. 

Heat your hot glue gun so that you can attach the decorations to the wreath.  Before you glue the decorations to the wreath set them on the wreath so that they are balanced.  Then glue them onto the wreath.

Next add the feathers by gluing the end of the stem between the wreaths branches. You can also add interest with black pipe cleaners.  Bent the pipe cleaners and add a little pop to the Halloween wreath. Gather the stems or sticks from the candy corn and wrap them together in a bunch.  Attach the bunch to the wreath. 

Tie a bow with the Halloween wired ribbon. Attach the bow to the wreath with craft wire. Add smaller bows throughout the wreath by attaching them with craft wire.  

  • Wear a mask when using the spray paint
  • Hang wreath behind storm door or under an awning to protect from the weather
  • Balance wreath decorations so that they are eye appealing
  • Make several wreaths and sell them at a church bizarre, flea market or at a yard sale.
View this YouTube video for another orange Halloween wreath idea: